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Social Media Best Practices Part 2

Now that you’ve mastered Twitter with our last post, it’s time to tackle Facebook and Instagram. If you’re a one-person show or even a small team, keeping up with social media trends and tips is daunting, so we’re here to break it down for you.

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Social Media best practices: Twitter

You know you should be posting to Twitter, but are you doing it correctly? For all those aspiring social media gurus out there, here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your Twitter presence.

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Marketing for events

In our hometown, there are events that entice people from all over the country to attend—from the Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Showcase to El Tour de Tucson, there are many opportunities for local businesses to benefit from an influx of travelers. Every destination has unique events like these, but how do you reach travelers during their stay? How can you remarket to attendees after they leave and encourage them to plan their return trip? Below, we’ll discuss how you can reach travelers before, during, and after your destination’s awesome events using Snapchat and Geofencing.

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Cheers to 35 years!

This year has been an exciting one for Madden Media as we celebrate our 35 year anniversary. We’ve been Connecting People to Places since 1982, and it’s been an amazing adventure. Entrepreneurs Kevin and Jill Madden began their journey with Madden Media as recent...

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Converting leads to visitors

So you’ve read our recent post about lead generation and have started a campaign to gather leads. But what then? How can you take those leads and turn them into visitors? Here are some best practices.

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Missed connection?

Site visitors don’t always stay and play as long as we’d like or complete the action we want them to complete—how do you re-engage and extend the interaction? That’s where remarketing ads come in.

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Actionable insights for your SEO strategy

Simply stated, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, because abbreviation is cooler than cool) is the key to bringing organic traffic to your website via search engines. An analysis from BrightEdge helps us gain insight into the best ways to boost your rank on Google,...

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Journey of a traveler

The process that travelers go through when deciding to take a vacation is complicated. Luckily, Google has broken that decision-making process into five steps that allow us to examine how travelers are behaving. Using this data to build a comprehensive, strategic...

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