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How to Leverage Content as a Tool for Inspiration

Inspiration. It’s a concept we talk about A LOT, but that’s because it’s so important. Getting people excited about visiting your destination starts with Amplified Storytelling. Your story is all about getting readers to imagine themselves wining, dining, and playing in your destination.

Imagine this: Sizzling carne asada grilled to perfection served with warm tortillas and fresh salsa—juicy, limey, salty, and full of BIG, BOLD FLAVOR. Add in a table surrounded by friends, a pitcher of ice cold margaritas, traditional mariachi music, a cool breeze drifting across the patio, crisscrossed strands of twinkly lights turning on as the sun sinks behind the mountains—it’s only the beginning of a perfect evening in The Old Pueblo.

Detailed descriptions can get your mouth watering, but it isn’t just about the best meal ever. Our immersive stories invite readers to explore the great outdoors, discover new attractions, feel an adrenaline rush, and connect with loved ones. We call this concept Narrative Transportation: the idea that words, images, videos and more can make readers imagine experiencing your destination for themselves.

Think about your favorite book or movie—why did it have such a positive impact on you? Maybe you love the quirky characters or the exciting twists and turns of the plot, but something made it stand out among the rest. That something is the emotional connection you feel, making you want to be a part of the story. We use this same concept when creating your content. These real emotional connections and their impact on buying behaviors can be the difference in influencing a visitor to choose your destination over somewhere else to travel.

Need more proof? Check out A Local’s Guide to Amarillo. The goal? Inspiring Millennial travelers to learn more about Amarillo’s hidden gems. Interviewing a local band about the best places to enjoy the artsy culture, sip a latte, devour an amazing burger, and groove to live music for the story helped Visit Amarillo connect with their target audience. The results? Site traffic and followers across the major social media sites increased, making the story successful in addition to fun to read.

Inspirational content has a ton of benefits—look out for part 3 of this series to learn more about how Amplified Storytelling can improve your metrics.

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