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Meeting planners are searching for the next place to hold their events, but with so many hotels and destinations vying for their attention, how can you stand out? We combine our love of storytelling with our talent for reaching the right audience in a Meetings campaign that puts your destination front and center for meeting planners.

82% of professionals say that destination is absolutely a factor when considering if they should attend a meeting*—planners have listened and are taking this into account when planning. A Planning Pod study found that nearby amenities and entertainment options were one of the thirteen top factors that influence meeting planners to choose where to hold their meetings.

We take this to heart. Most conference rooms have the capability to host meetings. But what is really going to make attendees excited to attend isn’t going to be found inside the conference room. It’s everything else. Still not convinced? Here are the stats**:

  • 75% will get out and about to visit restaurants and attractions in the destination
  • More than 50% of attendees said they’re likely to extend their stay or turn their trip into a vacation, fueling additional room nights
  • Nearly 50% said they will bring someone with them (friend, family, companion), multiplying their spending

We recently partnered with Experience Columbus to showcase what made their destination a prime location to hold meetings. We created a custom, first-person narrative story about a professional attending a meeting in Columbus. The story provided a three day itinerary showcasing a smattering of entertainment, food, and libations Columbus offered. The inviting, mobile-friendly design provided links to each referenced activity and accompanying photos that compliment the story.

Click here to view the story for yourself.

But having a great story isn’t enough. Qualified, interested traffic has to read the story. We don’t like to brag, but our targeting abilities are on-point. For this campaign, we used tactics, such as LinkedIn, to target professionals whose job titles reflected their involvement in planning a meeting.

What makes your destination stand out from the crowd? We’d love to talk with you about how you could position your destination as a premier spot to meeting planners. Fill out the form and one of our sales representatives will contact you to start the conversation.

*The Decision to Attend Study—Phase One
**Statistics taken from a study by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, the Professional Convention Management Association and The EXPERIENCE Institute
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