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With a niche strategy, you can showcase one specific area of your destination, separating you from your competition. From weddings to beer trails, fine dining to luxury shopping, we’ve helped many of our clients tell the story of their niche visitor opportunities. These are a couple of the things we love about niche marketing:

Less competition

How do you separate yourself from your competition, especially when your destinations are so similar? In oceanfront California, you know the pitch across the board to visitors involves the beach. But with so many near-beach experiences up and down the western seaboard, how can visitors choose which one is best for them? Beverly Hills chose to separate themselves with a content plan that showcased their destination as a “City of WELLTH”. Story topics included yoga, fine dining, architecture, feng shui, and shopping.

View two of the stories from the series here:

Click here to read the yoga story. Click here for the dining story.

Better response

Want more engagement? Then niche is probably the way to go. For niche marketing, the real indicator of success is not how many people you can get your information in front of, but who you are getting it in front of. You want to reach the right people at the right time, to increase odds of conversion. Tampa Bay’s niche marketing story about their craft brews was one of their best performing stories for visitor engagement. Even we are drooling over those beers!

Click here to read the story

What is your destination known for, and how do you separate from similar destinations? Let us know. We always love to hear and share your unique stories.

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