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Since 2013, Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council and Madden Media
have worked closely together to build digital marketing strategies
that address the needs and goals of Visit Amarillo. In 2016, in addition
to a more general, leisure campaign, Dan Quandt wanted to work on
another initiative. A group of young professionals had gotten Dan’s
attention. This group of Amarillo Millennials loved their city, but felt that
the unique attractions Amarillo had were not getting the attention they
deserved from traveling Millennials. To accomplish Visit Amarillo’s goal
Madden Media’s strategy would need to utilize channels that would best
appeal to a Millennial audience.


Madden Media’s team did thorough research, using proactive, creative
thinking to dig into places and trends that resonated with this target
audience. We looked for young professionals in Amarillo with impact,
specifically gathering information from a local indie band on the hidden
gems of the city. Madden Media also observed Millennial travel behavior
online, identifying themes of food, music, and fashion as triggers that
influenced Millennials to travel. Through Amplified Storytelling, social
media, display advertising, and YouTube, we accented the foodie, music
scene, and shopping hot spots of Amarillo.
Instead of working with a one-size-fits-all approach, it was crucial
to the success of this campaign that creative for Millennials be
distinguishable from the traditional leisure approach. 75% of Millennials
use smartphones at least as often as a computer, so a mobile-first
approach to the campaign was integral to its strategy. Everything from
the writing style to the imagery and landing page design was created to
promote engagement and social sharing.