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Content is everywhere in marketing—in ads, on websites, encouraging you to “click here” or offering lists of the “Top 10 things”. But what if there was content that went beyond the traditional content that most CVBs have on their website? Well, there is, and we’ve been perfecting it for the past five years.

It’s all in a name—Amplified Storytelling

So what makes our content different?

“Amplified” refers to the way in which we distribute the content through our premier audience development network. Our team of digital marketing experts customize targeting and constantly analyze the campaigns, carefully crafting your distribution so we reach readers interested in traveling. We optimize these placements daily so that the right people are seeing your content at the right time.

“Storytelling” refers to our unique approach to content. We use a combination of words, graphics, and video to promote your brand story. It really allows you to take the reins and control what message your readers are getting. Beyond complementing your brand, storytelling creates an emotional connection with the reader. You could say “My destination has a cool taco shop. Try it out,” but really it’s so much more engaging and inspiring to show photos of someone eating those tacos, and to step into their shoes as they experience those first bites.

If readers aren’t salivating and mentally bookmarking your destination as somewhere they’d like to travel, we haven’t done our job. We sponsored a recent study by University of Florida that found that an emotional impact translates into inspiration, which then makes that person more likely to travel to your destination. Basically, hit them with the feels, and you will be one step closer to a conversion.

The gift that keeps on giving

One of the best things about Amplified Storytelling is the many ways it can impact your marketing campaign. By creating an emotional connection with your readers, you’ll create a positive image of your brand. As they continue to interact with your brand it will only reinforce their positive feelings about your destination.

You’ll also see an increase in organic traffic from your stories. The analytics-driven content plan considers search demand, content opportunity, and uses keywords that can help boost ranking. Your stories are indexed by search engines, which helps increase your search presence and ability to be found.


If you could have content that is based on analysis, reinforces your brand, and creates an emotional connection with readers that helps move them toward planning their next vacation, why would you settle for anything less?

Want more insight? We’d love to have a conversation with you to find out more about your attraction or destination and partner together to take your marketing to the next level. Click here to fill out the form.

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