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Drinking good beer with good friends is awesome—it’s even better when you’re on vacation. Visit Tampa Bay has tapped into the craft beer niche market over the past few years, and has seen growth in their beer-specific tourism sales. What can other destinations learn from their campaign?

You’ve got to have awesome content.

Visit Tampa Bay utilizes our Amplified Storytelling to inspire travelers who are interested in dining experiences, family fun, couples getaways, and more. Just like these other niches, stories with interactive Presentation Layers are the foundation of the craft beer initiative. The stories, Bay Crafted and Craftober, focus on the history of craft brews in Tampa Bay and the upcoming annual festivals and events where beer connoisseurs will want to eat, drink, and be merry.

You’ve got to offer more than just words.

In addition to written content, craft beer fans were able to enjoy the “Bay Crafted: Discover Tampa’s Best Breweries” video, participate in an official sweepstakes to win VIP tickets to events, or sign up for the Craftober mailing list on the Presentation Layer. Data from Prospecting Display Ads, Geofencing, and Facebook Page Likes Ads helped our team build custom audiences that are open to learning more about the Visit Tampa Bay brand. Incorporating varied ad styles, such as Facebook Canvas Ads and Instagram Ads, offered different ways to introduce Tampa Bay to beer lovers. All of these efforts worked together to create a list of interested travelers.

You’ve got to follow up.

It’s not enough to prospect—remarketing is key. For the craft beer niche, multiple layers of remarketing were implemented to ensure Visit Tampa Bay’s brand stayed top-of-mind. Display Ads and Facebook Ads with familiar imagery offered travelers the opportunity to take the next step and check out the “Beer Events” page on VisitTampaBay.com. All Remarketing Ads had a consistent look and feel, but increased urgency in messaging as the frequency of ads served increased. After receiving two rounds of ads that clicked through to more information, travelers were served ads encouraging them to book their trip.


(Too Long, Didn’t Read for those of you less familiar with the internet lingo.) Conversion typically doesn’t happen after one encounter with your brand. It’s important to offer multiple ways to draw audiences in—including a combination of written and visual elements on various platforms—continuing your message over time.

How will you reach your target audience and inspire them to take action?

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