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Last week, we covered when and why you should use Facebook Ads to market to your target audience—this week we’ll dive into the how. According to our team of experts, there’s always something new within the Facebook platform to help you reach your target audience in a different way. Have you considered any of these strategies?

Opportunities and objectives

There’s a type of ad available to accomplish each of your unique goals, but the first thing you need to know is what those goals are. Clicks on your ad drive traffic to your site and encourage engagement with your brand, but don’t forget about the value of your ad impressions. The more times travelers see and interact with your brand, the more likely they are to convert—ad impressions on Facebook are a cost-effective way to introduce yourself and stay top-of-mind. Finding the right balance between exposing new consumers to your destination and getting them to take the next step forward is key.

Let’s talk targeting

Facebook gives you the opportunity to narrow your parameters as much as you’d like to help you reach your target audience—and it’s an awesome feature! Have you thought about including a remarketing pixel within your ad? The pixel collects data from the travelers that see and click on your ad, which enables you to build look-alike or custom audiences. Optimization is even easier when you have more information about who checks out your ad or likes your page. Advanced targeting tactics like this help you utilize your budget efficiently and effectively.

Imaginative integration

Utilizing Facebook to build trust and show off your brand personality gets easier all the time—especially with the new ways to incorporate Instagram. Consider increasing the eye-catching content and variety of ads you use on both platforms. Ads that include video and stunning imagery perform better than text-heavy ads and create an emotional connection with audiences. Facebook even offers a new twist on the old-school lead generation campaign, and makes it easier for interested travelers to sign up for a newsletter, sweepstakes, or other offerings.


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