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It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the most popular social media outlets. US consumers spend 2 billion+ hours per month on social media sites, accounting for 20% of online time and 30% of smartphone time.1 That’s a lot of time browsing, scrolling, and liking, and a lot of time you could be using to influence potential travelers to choose your destination for their next vacation. Here are some of the reasons we find Facebook to be an invaluable marketing tool:


According to Forbes, Facebook currently has over 1.2 billion monthly users. The Facebook platform allows advertisers to shuffle through this massive audience to find their best targets. Age, income, location, gender, education, and more can be filtered so that the money you spend on Facebook Ads are being seen by the people you want to see them. Some of the lesser known micro-targeting options include relationship status, ethnic affinity, and generation. Tap into these to get even more granular, but keep in mind, the more you layer in targeting, the more your clicks or actions may cost, as you compete in a smaller space.

Engagements—so much more than just a click

Clicks to website are great, but according to SalesForce, it takes a minimum of six to eight touches to make a user become a lead. So all of the added value of brand awareness that Facebook Ads provide through impressions, shares, comments, likes—those are valuable. Tap into Facebook Insights to measure your advertising effectiveness on a grander scale, beyond just the click.

All of the ads!

In 2016, Facebook organic traffic dropped 52% and is expected to fall more in 2017. So how can you continue to build your Facebook audience and get eyes on your content? Ads.

Facebook allows you to tailor your ads to your specifications. Want to gain a larger audience for your Facebook Page? Promoted Posts and Facebook Like Ads will help you achieve these goals. Looking for more people to see your website? Carousel Ads, Website Conversion Ads, and Click to Website Ads will send them there. Want to promote content, a video, or photo? Try Promoted Posts, Mobile News Feed Ads, or Carousel Ads here as well.

We all know we should be using Facebook, but how? We’ll reveal more in part two of this Facebook Marketing series. Check back next Wednesday to gain more insight.


1Source: The Nielsen Company

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